InspAIRe your life!

Every day, when you wake up, when you practice your favorite sport, when you are having a lovely breakfast, when you say good bye to your kids to the school bus, when you visit your pal, when you go for a nice vacations, when you come back to your place after work, when you are crying, when you are happy, when you are successful, when you see your parents, when you become a Dad or Mom…. You and I, we have something in common…… BREATHE!

I am Chan Shigematsu, the founder of GREEN HOPE COLOMBIA; I am a Graphic Designer, Actor and Conservationist; that decided to change my life 8 years ago to work with indigenous communities, to reforest and protect the Amazon Forest with different sustainable projects with the management of their Natural Resources. Our project is about reforestation with native trees; so, the Indigenous communities will have their own food, surplus of fruits, yucca, plantain, banana can be sold in the local market and have a sustainable economic income to live. You can join us now, supporting QUICA to develop more projects with us around the world.

You will see, that your help and support here, affects your life there! Just BREATHE! The Amazon Forest provides the 20% of air of the Planet Earth, it means more than 5 hours per day. You, your family, your friends, your pet, your environment, your country, everybody and I we BREATHE Amazon Air; let´s inspAIRe your life and help us, to keep working to protect the Amazon Forest.