A journey through the Colombian Pacific, documenting the majestic humpback whales and the importance of marine protected areas for conservation and for the sustainable and economic development of coastal communities.


Chocó in the Colombian Pacific is a secluded paradise covered with a huge green carpet of rainforest, bays, inlets, rivers, mangrove -fringed beaches and a rich biodiversity. With its 1,300km long, the Colombian Pacific Coast is one of the wettest regions in the world; with an immense ecological and hydrographic wealth.

There, the humpbacks or better known as humpback whales migrate each year more than eight thousand (8,000) kilometers from distant feeding grounds in the Antarctic Peninsula to the Pacific coast of Colombia. When they reach the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific, between the months of June and November they perform their courtship and mating acts.

In March 2015, after a struggle of more than 20 years the black communities of Nuquí (Chocó) achieved that the government declared sixty thousand hectares of the Colombian Pacific as a Marine Protected Area under a figure that will allow them to conserve and use their natural resources in a sustainable manner (DRMI).

However, the Regional District of Integrated Management (DRMI) presents direct threats not only for coastal communities that depend on fishing (70 %) but also for whales and other species that migrate each year to the Colombian Pacific.

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